Frequently asked questions.

Do I need to know programming to join?

    Zero to Market is a full-stack web development workshop, designed for beginners. We assume students do not have a technical background and are keen to learn.

    Why does Zero to Market work?

    Most courses focus on providing more information. But, you don’t need more information. If more information is all you need, you’d probably be able to find it. 

    Imagine if we gave you all the information you need to build a custom website. Would you be able to? Why not? Because life doesn’t work that way. 

    Zero to Market focuses on active learning by doing. 80% of your time in the workshop will be spent on working on the assignments and discussing.

    “I learned so much from the course even without a programming background. Will recommend anyone with any background to go for the course.”


    Data Scientist, MIMOS

    Is there an exam?

      There are no exams.

      We believe examinations make people focus on the wrong things – focusing to pass an exam, compared to learning skillsets that matter.

      Can I get Dr. Lau or Edmund to help me with my website project?


      Take full advantage of the workshop to get all the help you need. There is also a helpful community that will be there to share feedback.

      How long is the access to the lessons?

      You’ll have lifetime refreshers.

      The discussion board and lessons, however, will close 6 months after the program ends. Want to continue working with the rest after the program? No problem. We’ll tell you how you can be part of our lifetime Pro membership.

      How long do I need to spend daily?

      We recommend you to spend 1 hour per day working on the workshop – lessons and prompts as it’s a progression towards completing your web project.

      What if I’m unable to complete the lessons within 30 days?

      We understand life circumstances can get in the way. If you’re unable to complete the workshop, send us an email and we’ll be happy to schedule you for the next workshop – as part of lifetime refreshers.

      Will I get a certificate? Is this recognized by the industry?

      Yes, you will receive a completion certificate at the end of the program.

      We’re recognized by SME & MNC companies across industries in Malaysia. That continues to grow with more of our graduates securing jobs in various companies.

      Do you accept payment in installments?

      No, with a good reason.

      We found students who request installment payments, are not ready to take a program. They are often distracted, which would dilute their experience in the program.

      If you cannot afford the program, we kindly ask you to make use of our free web development materials. You can come back when you’re ready.

      Who can I contact to ask more?

      You can email Alex at alex@thelead.io.

      We put in a lot of effort to talk to our customers personally and support emails get answered in under 24 hours.

      Will the price be the same for the next intake?

      We can’t guarantee the same price for future intakes. The truth is, there will never be a perfect time to join. If you want to upskill yourself, then it’s worth starting now. 

      Become web-skilled.