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We founded LEAD to help you acquire technology skills. We know what’s like in wanting to find better career or to build successful businesses. 

Technology skills – what we are referring to is web development, app programming, digital marketing & data science.

Skills you’ll need to be the best in your industry.


LEAD is owned by Ucan Technologies Sdn Bhd (1207802-V).

Meet the Team

We comprise of people who are experts in their own industry.
None of us teach from a textbook, but from experience.

 Dr. Lau Cher Han, Chief Data Scientist, Big Data Researcher & Mentor

A chief data scientist and keynote speaker in data science and A.I for major companies and government agencies across Australia, Malaysia and other ASEAN countries. He has trained and advised many of the organisations including Intel, Standard Chartered, IBM, and Telekom Malaysia. Also been invited as the keynote speaker in data science events, such as Microsoft Azure Global Bootcamp, Facebook Developer Circles, and European Conference on Information Retrieval (ECIR). As the CEO of LEAD, Dr. Lau’s current focus is on helping clients to grow their data science teams, gain insights by combining structured and unstructured data, and implementing data analytics and big data strategies, preparing clients for the future big data economy. He has also launched Covid19AI.org to use artificial intelligence to combat the Coronavirus on a large scale.

Reuben Ch’ng, Head of Marketing, Producer

A growth marketer, entrepreneur and trainer with over 10+ years of industry experience working with brands like TNB Malaysia, Sony, Nando’s, UEM, Media Prima Digital, History Channel and Pacific West.
Coming from a background of music production, he begun his entrepreneurship journey by starting a music school & recording studio in Penang in 2008. Currently, he leads marketing and manages the team at LEAD. From business direction to marketing strategy, he’s involved in every step to ensure that the growth of our clients are in line with the company’s growth.

Edmund Hee, Data Scientist, Java Developer

A data scientist and full-stack web developer with experience in startups and corporates alike, currently running his own company by providing data solutions for startups and SME companies. A full-time instructor in LEAD to train and mentor individuals breaking into tech.

Alex Foong, Growth Marketer

A growth marketer that deploy digital strategies for growth. Alex has worked with international franchise brands such as Qdees, Pyjama Drama and SMEs to grow their overall conversions. He facilitates the growth of LEAD and looks after each student’s progress within the community. Before this, he manages an international smart city initiative and startup accelerator under a state council in Malaysia.

Azhar Ramadhan, Graphic Designer

From freelance to agency and now has become LEAD’s creative director. From Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator to Adobe Premiere Pro he use it as magic wand to creates various amazing works.By using his magic wand originates visual marketing and content marketing that can help you grow in the industry.

Sri Barratan, Content Creator

A content creator with an audio engineering background, Sri works with the team to manage content across all platforms including social media. He has won several awards as a music composer too. After working with content, jingles, films in various platforms, he landed in the video world because he believes visuals are the form of content that is most consumable.

Meet the Mentors

We comprise of people who are expert in their own industry. Our industry-driven mentors are the heart of our data science, web development, and digital marketing training and courses. We’re industry-led and experience-focused.

John Tan

Instructor in the Maker Movement

Chong Theng Hui

Head of Artificial Intelligence, PLUS Malaysia

Chan Zi Yuan

Co-Founder, TIDE Analytics

Jasmine Kijam

Co-founder of Matamata. Past LEAD data science graduate.

Tan Min Thee

Data Analyst at Fave (formerly a computer vision engineer). Past LEAD data science graduate

Why our programs work?

Why do we have so many success stories? What makes our students find better jobs and build profitable businesses — in a fraction of the time, others take to do?

Our courses are designed to teach in the fastest & most efficient way possible. There is little, to no value in learning the ‘history of HTML’. Who wants that? But what is valuable to you, is to acquire the skills that you’ll actually use in real-life work.

Data science certificate

How LEAD differentiates from traditional education

Growth Marketing 360 by Reuben Ch'ng from LEAD
Professional Job-Oriented Courses

Rather than spending years studying in university and college courses, our job-oriented courses equip you with essential knowledge and practical skills –  let’s get straight to what is really needed in real-life industry. 

Project Based Learning

Imitates the real-world work and encourages students to learn the essence of our course while building conceptual products.

Warm & Sharing LEAD Community

We emphasize the growth of our students – in skillsets, knowledge and career wise. Our students are entitled to a lifetime support from experienced mentors.

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LEAD is a tech institute for Artificial Intelligence and Data Science. We have helped 1000s of students transformed their career.


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