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Join Data Science Uncut Bootcamp’s demo day, where participants will be presenting to a panel of panelists. Learn from their data science projects.

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What circle? The circle of ‘knowledge’, growing every minute, filled with people who generously share their ideas and the things they learn.






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Can You Still Make Money with Adsense?

Can You Still Make Money with Adsense?

Okay, if you didn't know yet.. Google Adsense is a platform for publishers to put up ads next to their digital content - like articles on their website or videos on YouTube. Every time an ad that Google shows within an article on your website is clicked, they share a...

YouTube SEO – How To Find High Traffic Keywords

YouTube SEO – How To Find High Traffic Keywords

There are over 7 billion videos on YouTube today. How do you get your video to appear on the top page of YouTube search? Besides Google, the fact is people actually make searches on YouTube as well. In fact, YouTube is the 2nd biggest social media platform after...

Reverse Engineering your Startup Idea

Reverse Engineering your Startup Idea

For every five startups that we hear about, chances are only one of them will really take off. If you’ve been bitten by the entrepreneurship bug, but don’t know where to begin, you have found our guide at just the right time. Here is what you need to make sure your...

6 Essential Tools to Propel Your Startup

6 Essential Tools to Propel Your Startup

So, you have an excellent – no, world-changing idea/product that you want to introduce to the world, and you can’t wait for everyone to hear about it. However, it can really boggle the mind to think about what methods you should use to take your venture from startup...

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