The easiest way to annoy a data scientist is to tell him that data science equals big data.
– Dr. Lau Cher Han

In this episode, Reuben and I go through the misconception questions that we collected from emails, Facebook inbox, live chat, social media, etc. We covered evergreen topics such as do you need a data science certification to get a data scientist job? and how much do companies pay a junior data scientist in Malaysia? And misconceptions like:

  1. Data science and big data is the same thing.
  2. Someone with a business intelligence background can jump into Data Science. Yes or no?
  3. Is data science the same as business intelligence?
  4. Data science is only meant for large organizations.
  5. Data scientists must learn to code.
  6. Understanding Python or R will make me a great data scientist.


Comment below which is the biggest misconception you have heard about data science. Let us know any other topic that you are interested, and of course, don’t forget to share this with a friend who is currently on their way to begin a data science journey.