Business Validation – Why Stop Asking What People Want?

May 23, 2019

Sometimes you have to drop the whole ‘validation’ thing and jump head-first into the market.

Build a new product, an idea. Make sure it’s filled with great value and offer it to the market. It may fail, it may thrive. But who knows?

Sure, people with more experience may be able to tell if a product, idea or business will thrive or not. But if you look at some of the best companies and products that were created in the past years – even some very smart people did not see it coming.

Sometimes you have to stop asking what people want and give them what they need instead.

In light of this topic, I want to share 3 ideas/ways to validate a business idea.

1. Can you sell your product or service to 3 people?

Here’s what I believe. If you can actually sell your product or service to at least 3 people (who are not your friends & family, btw) – then you know that you have a product that has demand & possibly a need.

If you can’t sell to at least 3 people. What were you thinking?

2. Is there a conference for the niche?

In business, you’re interacting with people. You’re selling to people.

Is there a conference for that niche? Conferences are made up of people – and that may just tell you that the niche has a healthy and active market.

3. Are your potential customers ‘able’ and ‘willing’ to buy?

A potential customer may be able to buy your products, but is he or she willing to?

I could be in the business of teaching people how to play the yo-yo. Sure, 50-year olds are able to pay for my course, but are they willing to pay for it, no matter how hard I try to sell it?

It’s your turn.

Did you do some business validation lately? What were your steps and why?

Or do you follow the thought process behind how we do things at LEAD – where to validate ideas, we simply build a landing page, make sure its filled with tons of value and ship it to our customers?

Let us know by commenting below.


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