Data Science Online Masterclass

How to Become a High-Paid Data Scientist in 6 Months.

Learn our proven data science study framework that has helped hundreds of individuals secure a data science job.

(The masterclass runs on Zoom. There are no replays.)

Live Masterclass
6th July 2022 (Wednesday)

9PM – 10PM

Who is this for?
Individuals aiming for a data science job.


Why are data scientists highly paid? 

Google for “best paying tech jobs”, and you’ll inevitably find data scientists listed. Why do companies pay so much for data scientists?

Because data science – is a revenue-producing role.

At the very basic, a data scientist’s job is to discover insights from data. Those insights potentially produce millions in revenue for a business.

For a company, what’s paying a data scientist an RM120,000/yr salary or more – if he helps produce an RM12,000,000 revenue?


But I did not study science, math, or even business.

Is it possible to become a data scientist, without a relevant background field of study? What are the chances if you don’t have a background? 

Fact: Randomly taking online courses on Python, Calculus, or Linear Algebra – isn’t going to turn you into a data scientist. Rather, it’ll more likely cause you to give up due to overwhelm.


Getting an industry-recognized certificate. 

The idea of getting a data science certificate as a passport to get hired at big companies seems like a good one. 

But then, the next question, “Which university offers an industry-recognized data science certificate?” 

Truth: Most companies hiring data scientists don’t care about certifications. They care about your ability to help them generate revenue. 


High-paid data scientist in 6 months.

What if there’s a study framework to become a data scientist in under 6 months? Saving you 2-3 years of expensive, formal education. 

Here’s how that works: 

#1 – Become a problem solver. 

Good data scientists can build algorithms. But highly-paid data scientists can solve business problems. To become a high-paid data scientist, learn to approach data science problems from a business point of view. 

It’s always about solving problems. Not building cool algorithms.

#2 – Build a real data science portfolio. 

Want leverage to ask for a bigger salary? The secret is to demonstrate how not hiring you, will be a company’s greatest loss. 

Create a data science portfolio to demonstrate how you derive insights from data. Present that during an interview. Explain to the interviewer how through data science – you could potentially uncover millions of undiscovered revenue for the company. 

#3 –Pick up accompanying required skillsets.

Of course, it’s important to have skillsets ranging from programming, data visualization to managing databases that will be needed. 

The key is not to master every data science skill and technology available – because that would be impossible. Rather, it’s about mastering the skillsets that will help you do a great job.



Break into data science using a proven framework.

That has worked for our students, who now work as data scientists in companies like Boost Credit, Hiredly, Amazon, and Shoppee. 

We’ll show you how they did it – and share with you the study framework they took to master practical data science and secure their roles. 

For example, one of our students, Soon Chung – did not have a technical or coding background, yet now works as a data scientist in Boost, Axiata.

During this masterclass, you’ll learn: 

  • Which data science certificates are recognized in the industry. 
  • A proven study framework to become a high-paid data scientist.
  • How to create your data science portfolio. 
  • How to ace the data science interview. 

The online training is 60 minutes – and there will be no replays. 

Why? Because people who show up, pay attention. They also help make the masterclass exciting and interactive.

Live masterclass by.


Dr Lau Cher Han,
Chief Data Scientist, Big Data Consultant, Machine Learning researcher, Microsoft Excel World Champion, Data practitioner.

To date, Dr. Lau Cher Han has helped over 1000s of individuals break into a tech career. His training has been sought after by companies such as IBM, Dell, Intel, Bank Islam, and TNB Malaysia.

In this session, Dr. Lau will share how his students, busy working professionals even from non-tech backgrounds, broke into data science.



Joining the masterclass means investing your time. All we ask is to simply attend the first 15 minutes. If you don’t get any valuable insights during the first 15 minutes, just capture the screen, email reuben@thelead.io and we’ll pay you RM10 for wasting your time. 

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