Which Programming Languages to Learn for Web Development

and how each of them works.

Want to build your own custom-built website? This 1-hour webinar will show you which programming languages to learn, and how they work, including: 

  • Programming languages to learn for maximum ROI.
  • See how these programming languages work. 
  • 3 costly beginner mistakes to avoid.

(We don’t share webinar replays. That’s because we prefer interacting live.)


Live Webinar
3rd March 2022 (Thursday)

9PM – 10PM

Who is this for?
Working people, business owners, individuals.


Isn’t web development for geeks?

Maybe last time. But these days – not anymore.

These days, even ‘normal‘ people should understand web technologies.

Most people are consumers. Every day, they browse 100s of websites. It’s time to be a creator. It’s time you build your site.


Presented by.

Dr. Lau Cher Han has helped over 1000s of individuals break into a tech career. His training has been sought after by companies such as IBM, Dell, Intel, Bank Islam, and TNB Malaysia.

In this session, Dr. Lau will teach you which programming language to learn if you want to build scalable websites.


Dr Lau Cher Han,
Full-stack developer & chief data scientist

Why is the webinar free?

Surely, you must be selling something, right?

Yes, there will be an invitation for you to join Zero to Market. But that’s not the main agenda of this webinar.

We organized this webinar to teach you web programming. If you like what we teach, you might join us. If not, that’s OK. Either way, you will learn something valuable.


“I learned so much from the course even without a programming background. Will recommend anyone with any background to go for the course.”


Data Scientist, MIMOS

“I enjoyed how each MEAN technology were explained in detail. Thanks for organising the course, LEAD team.” 

Ashraf Husni

Product Manager, Atilze

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