How To Break Into A Tech Career?

Jan 15, 2020

In this Data Crunch episode 17, we talked about how are you able to break into a tech career the smartest and shortest way possible.

How do you thrive in this fast-growing and evolving industry?

Sooner or later every industry will be disrupted digitally with the advancement of ABCD – AI, Big Data, Cloud Computing, and Data Science.

So what are the technology and digital skills you should learn and pick up, how do you harness the available insights on the internet, and what to focus on when there are so many blossoming mobiles, web, IoT applications?

In this video, we shared tips and tricks on the avenues an individual has to grow technically and non-technically especially if you’re looking to build a tech career. You can even apply these ideas even if you’re just starting out your journey in the world of data and technology.

Before that, let’s start with demystify the buzzword ‘digital transformation’, since there are too many companies using this term and misconceptions about it is everywhere.

Enjoy watching and learning!
Do post your comments below, what are your thoughts?

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