How To Build Your Personal Brand as a Data Scientist?

Jul 21, 2019

You probably know that portfolio is the must-have to begin a data science career and get yourself hired. But, is having a portfolio sufficient? How do you stand out among other data scientists, when everyone has their portfolio?

In this episode Dr. Lau spoke to Admond Lee, one of the speakers from our upcoming Data Science and Marketing conference, the DMSummit, to share actionable tips and insights on how to build a personal brand.  

Admund is a data scientist from Singapore and works in Micron Technologies. We discuss the differences between the data science scene in Singapore and Malaysia. 

Admond definitely not the typical data scientist you have seen, who is a highly technical geek who only works on numbers and do not see the light of the day?  

He thinks that data scientists should build a brand for themselves. One of the ways he’s made a brand for himself is by contributing articles on platforms such as Medium, Tech in Asia, LinkedIn, Towards Data Science, and KDnuggets, a well-known data science and machine learning blog.  

Listen to the episode and find out what are the tactics and strategies that you can apply to build your personal brand in this episode, how to stand out in the crowd, either by writing articles, choosing the meetups to go, and capitalizing on the pros and cons of different platforms.

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