A Note on the COVID-19 Lockdown

Mar 17, 2020

All of us at LEAD are closely monitoring the COVID-19 development in the country. And if you’re reading this, you are probably already prepared for the Movement Control order (a.k.a partial lockdown) issued by the Malaysian government.

Every day we do our duty to isolate ourselves at home will have a massive impact on thousands and tens of thousands of lives. This piece tells us why it’s the most logical and responsible thing any of us can do right now – and why our government has been right to call the order.

At LEAD we’re fortunate.

Our team embraces the lean methodology and have always worked semi-remotely. We have an office where all of us work from every day, but none of us are strangers of working remotely as we travel for courses and events.

We all have the means to stock up on food and supplies. And we all have comfortable homes.

But not everyone is as fortunate. Some people are running/working in physical businesses. Some are living with elderly parents. To this, social distancing would be hard – if not impossible.

Yet, we ask everyone reading this to take measures to protect yourself and practice social distancing.

If COVID-19 turns out to be something we go through together, then you would just miss out on work for a few weeks. And if COVID-19 turns into something super deadly, then you’ve just done everyone a service by protecting yourself and the people around you.

All of us are going to be spending time at home over the next 2 weeks at the very least.

What we can do.

This isn’t the time for us to throw our hands in the air and sit back. The fear is there. But we can dance with fear and grow with it. Fear points us in the direction to go.

Take this time to self-evaluate. What is something that you have neglected for a long time? You can’t visit events or social groups. But you can leverage on technology or embark on activities that will make you a better person.

Read some books, take online courses, exercise at home, spend time with your love ones. What would make you stronger at the end of the 2 weeks?

Also, avoid spending time getting consumed by news which are probably false, commonly spread on social media and messaging apps. (That’s why we support verified news trackers like CoronaTracker)

What LEAD is doing.

At LEAD we will be proactively releasing more courses, training & webinars, online – most of which will be free for you.

We will be sharing tips in tech, work, and business – taken from our very own experiences at LEAD.

Where do you find these?

Get Notified: Every time we launch a free training or workshop.

For our students, you are backed up with a lifetime warranty to your courses. If your classes are postponed, you can always come back for class refreshers. You can say that we were prepared for this – and you’d be right.

Get on-going updates on LEAD’s Facebook page.

The LEAD team will be working creatively – so that by the end of this 2-weeks, people emerge as better informed, knowledgeable and valuable individuals. Who would continue to make great things and turn their ideas into reality.

Stay healthy. And stay home.

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