Why Web Development Helps You Think Strategically (With Seng Yung).

Jul 15, 2022

As the post-pandemic world is about to adopt the new “norm”, more companies are digitalizing their brands – building websites and applications that drive business value.

And that’s why web development skills have become one of the most sought-after skills. But besides building websites, what else can you accomplish when you learn web development? 

In this post, we talked to Seng Yung, who had more than a decade of experience in the data science industry and recently acquired web development skills to fuel his career growth.

Seng Yung played various roles in the data field. He is an experienced Data Scientist and Data Analyst who has been working in the online industry for more than 10 years.

According to him, he needs to focus on 2 things in his daily work: analyzing his company’s data and automating data processes. During the interview, he also mentioned:

“Please do not think that I come from a technical background or that I am a powerful programmer when you hear my job description. I am a simple man who has a master’s degree in economics and finance,” said Seng Yung.

About his career, Seng Yung said that his daily work is not as hard as it was 10 years ago, but with the rise of technology, there is more and more data left by users on the Internet, and companies need to process it for growth, which a normal human cannot do. 

So he learned some new skills from his friends and colleagues over time, such as data automation, which later helped him in moving up in the industry and saves him time.

Why are web development skills essential?

After all these decades of experience, Seng Yung recently participated in Zero to Market (a workshop that helps you understand the science behind it and create market-ready websites in 30 days).

Seng Yung starts his journey from zero until he can build his own web apps.

When we asked him what prompted him to venture into this new field, he replied:

“I wanted to get into web development a long time ago because I have been in the online industry for a very long time and I realized that most companies have a portal and I found it strange that I could handle data but not create a portal,” said Seng Yung.

“After acquiring knowledge in web development, I am still not an expert in creating a powerful website, but understanding the way people create a website has given me a different mindset that I can use to understand the concept behind it and move things forward,” said Seng Yung.

Challenges of web development (when getting started).

Before attending the Zero to Market workshop, Seng Yung built a nonprofit side project, fishcate.com. A website where you can find cars for sale, land, property for sale and rent, or even job openings in Malaysia.


However, the goal of creating the website was to test his skills in data automation in collaboration with some of his friends in the marketing industry. Due to his lack of knowledge in web development, he hired a web developer for the front end of the website.

Even after that, Seng Yung was still interested in learning web development. Recently, he participated in the Zero to Market workshop with a group of participants. When we asked him about his challenges in learning new skills during the workshop, he explained:

“This is a 30-day plan, not a typical online course. We have to take the time to look at the course materials, learn and explore,” said Seng Yung.

“We are all working adults, and when we are done with work, we are probably tired. Sometimes I had to divide the remaining time between family obligations and learning new skills,” said Sen Yung.

“But I really love the workshop, it’s a lot of fun. For example, we watch a 10+ minute video from Dr. Lau every day and I set out to do the assignments from 9 pm to 12 am every day, but overall I really enjoyed learning web development with this kind of bite-sized method, it works,” said Seng Yung.

Video lessons and assignments will publish every day.

Web development improves problem-solving skills.

Students of Zero to Market usually have different problems and goals in mind prior to enrolling in the workshop, and so did Seng Yung. All he wanted was to understand how people build websites, the concepts, the science, and the programming languages behind them. 

This would help him to apply those skills to his current day-to-day work and anticipate how to move the company forward. When we asked Seng Yung about the outcome of the program, he said:

“My personal outcome was not to master something ‘technical’, but Zero to Market helped me change my mindset because I now have a basic understanding of how to build a website. It’s impossible to become an expert in 30 days, and that’s not my goal. I just started thinking strategically and combining my web development skills with my data science knowledge to make a difference in my business,” said Seng Yung.

“I love the (daily) video. It’s really fun. It’s something I have never dealt with before. Even if the video is only 10 minutes long, I can replay it 2-3 times to follow the script until I understand the flow and logic behind the coding, eventually, it works,” said Seng Yung.

A practical skill that is indispensable for the future.

According to Seng Yung, web development is definitely one of the indispensable skills, even in the future, as the internet culture and activities boomed even more after the pandemic.

“I would even say that web development is indispensable for data scientists, because not every data scientist is able to do it. If you are a data scientist interested in learning something new in addition to your data skills, I would definitely recommend web development. If you learn these skills in addition to your current technical skills, you will stand out from the rest,” said Seng Yung.

“No matter what web development course you take, you will always have problems with error codes, and this is normal with web development, even simple silly typos like capital letters instead of lowercase letters will cause errors. Just go through the course and stick to your study plan, practice well and you should be able to overcome the problems. Above all, make sure your course has a coach you can talk to,” says Seng Yung.

Launch you’re website in 30 days.

At LEAD, we’ve helped hundreds of people – including Seng Yung. And we can help you too – just by getting 1% better every day. Grow your web development skill set and be capable of building and maintaining serious market-ready websites with Zero To Market today.

Zero To Market helps you create a world-class website like a pro and allows you to set up backend and payment systems on your website. In the previous cohort of Zero to Market, some participants were interested in starting their own business using the knowledge gained from the program.

That’s why in Zero To Market 2.0 we have added new lessons to help you make your first sale, from creating an RM500,000 landing page to building sales funnels.

New lessons added for Zero To Market 2.0

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