Career Tips To Become A Full-Stack Developer

Apr 1, 2020

Let’s briefly go through some of the career tips that you can take notice when you’re applying for your next web programmer or full stack developer role.

1. Don’t put Microsoft office as your skillset.

This is a programming role, it’s not an office admin role. Avoid making such a mistake, only insert information that is relevant which helps you to stand out among the rest of the candidates.

2. When designing your resume, give a rating for your skills, quantify each skill you possess.

For example, your PHP at five-stars may be as good as another humble guy with three stars, so giving a rating of your skills do really help people to understand how good you are at it. It’s becoming a trend to quantify things, like a business, we love numbers.

3. Showcase your projects or portfolio that you’ve done and the challenges that you faced in the past.

A lot of people only talk about good things in their portfolios and their resume, so you talk about the challenges and how you overcome the challenges. Constantly look for opportunities to build some portfolio, or through side hustles. If you’re a fresh graduate, then your FYP might give you a little help but always, and always highlight how you can help solve problems for the business.

4. Acquire basic skillsets of a developer.

You’ll need to have a fundamental understanding of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, PHP, MySQL, different file formats, etc. Constantly looking for avenues to upgrade your skills, learning and deepening your existing skillset.

In overall, the hiring process of a web developer is definitely not that difficult as we have thought of. However, you’ll have to showcase your projects, able to show how you overcome challenges and of course, they’ll look into culture fit as well, whether you fit the job in terms of skills and attitude.

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