data analytics on a budget

Data Analytics on A Budget

Sep 27, 2018

Have you had that impression that data science or big data analytics is something only big corporates can afford? Then you may be glad to find that data analytics can be done on a budget too – for free.

If you’re running a startup or learning to practice data science on your end, this means you can break into data science – without breaking the bank.

Watch the video below, taken from a workshop held by BFM Edge School at Maybank Innovation Centre in KL. In this video, you’ll learn data problems faced by corporations and understand the type of data science tools they use to analyze big data.

Did you know prior programming knowledge is not a prerequisite to learning data science?

Whether you’re looking to get a profession as a data scientist or to do serious data analytics within your startup or company, LEAD offers a data science certification program that helps individuals break into data science.

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