Nobody Will Buy From Your Website… Just Like That

Jun 2, 2021

Build a website and customers will come.

This is one of the biggest misconceptions I hear when working with clients – usually the traditional ones. Somehow, many businesses have the perception that if they build a beautiful website, customers will buy from them.

Working with clients over the past few years, here’s what I found. Most businesses don’t have a traffic problem. They have a conversion problem.

Anybody – literally in the next 30 minutes, can buy traffic from Google Ads, to reach anybody they want to reach.


How to fix this problem.

The way to get more customers is to create content. 

It’s not more Facebook ads. Not more emails. And definitely not posting more on Instagram.

I’m not talking about just any usual content. I’m talking specifically about content with your unique voice and story.

Content brings your business to life, through stories. Your business needs an audience. Some of the audience turns into customers. The way to build an audience is with content.

People are attracted to stories. When you position your content like stories, it attracts people to browse your website, relate with you, and eventually spend money.

A 1000 true fans.

You don’t need a huge audience either. You just need a small, highly-engaged audience – to make the figures you need.

In the words of Kevin Kelly, you simply need a 1000 true fans.

A true fan is someone who will buy anything you produce. They will drive 200KM, go out & beyond their way and do anything to support you.

Many businesses think they need a huge email list. The truth is having 1000 highly engaged audience is better than a 20,000 email list, made out of people who don’t care about you.

How to get people to spend. 

That’s the golden question, isn’t it?

People buy things when they have trust. I buy a pair of Nikes because I trust the shoes will last. And maybe I also trust that the shoes will make me look better.

If you’re selling anything, you need to build trust. Trust takes time to build.

Trust grows at the speed of a growing coconut tree, and falls the speed of a coconut dropping.

The reason why participants enroll in courses at LEAD is not that they know the course is great. It’s because based on everything they have seen, they trust us to know our stuff and help them get to where they want.

If you don’t create content.

Businesses that don’t create content tend to take shortcuts – buying ads.

Ads work, but not as a long-term solution. A business that has built trust over the years, will find more success with ads compared to a business that simply ran ads every time they needed customers.

Buying ads isn’t a shortcut to making money.

You still have to tell stories and connect with your audience. And the best way to do that is to create content.

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