Why Aren’t You Running Google Ads Already?

May 26, 2021

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Why are so many businesses still not using Google Ads?

Maybe some businesses are secretly boycotting Google for being a monopoly. I don’t know about that.

Jokes aside, here are few common reasons I’ve found:

  • Google Ads *seems* hard for most non-technical people.
  • Google Ads are perceived as expensive, for some reason.
  • I only focus on free marketing!

The biggest reason has to be because most business owners just don’t quite understand Google Ads.

I mean, just log into Google Ads and try creating your first campaign. You’ll immediately see how much more technical it is, compared to setting up ads on Facebook.


Google Ads can be complicated for the beginner.

Why you probably should use Google Ads.

What do you do when you want to buy a new vacuum cleaner?


You probably go to the shopping mall and walk into an electrical store to browse some nice Dysons. But between the need to buy the vacuum cleaner and actually purchasing it, regardless of online or offline – I bet that you would have done some Google research.

Maybe you Googled for a cheaper price. Or you Googled for reviews of the particular vacuum cleaner model that you were interested to buy.

Given that we’re in MCO 3.0 (at the time of writing), your usage of searching on Google has probably tripled!

Now, think of yourself as a business that sells vacuum cleaners. If there are eager customers searching on Google, don’t you think your business should have a presence on Google too?

The truth is – if you don’t run Google Ads, you’re missing out on a huge crowd of ready-to-buy customers.

Customers want their problems solved – now.

Have you bought something from an online store before? Maybe you needed a camera stand or a microphone for your daily Zoom meetings.

Remember how you felt when waiting for the delivery? You checked the tracking page 3 times a day. Walked up and down your home. Grab your phone every time it rings, hoping to see a call from the courier. Run to the front door of your house every time you heard a vehicle stopping in front.

You can’t wait for your camera stand to arrive!

You have a problem and you want it solved right now.

The same is true for people who search on Google. People search on Google for solutions to a problem they have. And they want a solution – now.

And Google is really good at solving these problems by showing relevant websites and products.

Someone is looking for a new TV? Oh, they want to see a review of a Samsung 65″ TV? Ok, here’s a list of websites and products that fit what you’re looking for.


Notice the ads that show up for the Google search.

It’s time for you to show up. 

The business that shows up when a customer is actively looking for a solution, is the one that wins.

It’s like showing up with a bottle of water when someone has poison in their eye – and needs to immediately wash it off.

Sure – you could (and should) rely on Search Engine Optimization (SEO), to appear in front of customers who search, but SEO is like growing a tree – it takes time.

This is where running some Google Ads as an additional traffic source comes in handy.

How to be profitable with Google Ads

So how do you turn a profit with Google Ads?

Well, first – if you’ve set up some ads on Facebook before, you’ll find that running ads on Google is a different game altogether.

Ads on Facebook are shown to people who are not in the buying mode. So you have to attract them and make them interested in your ad. Some marketers begin advertising silly videos of themselves – all just to attract potential customers.

With Google ads, however, you can go straight for the kill – especially if the product or service you offer is something that is in-demand. Here are 3 tips to get profitable when running ads on Google.

1 – Go straight to the point. 

If you’re a business offering cleaning services, run a Google ad that provides users with an easy way to contact you. Put in a call-to-action that allows them to call you immediately. Or put your telephone number really huge on your site.

Don’t beat around the bush by leading prospects into your homepage, about us page, or get them to go through a lengthy registration process.

If I’m a customer with a cleaning problem, I want to get the problem solved right now. Don’t bring me through a list of registration or onboarding nonsense.

2 – Create a backup mechanism.

Customers are choosy. They want the best deals, biggest discounts, and greatest offers they can get. Unfortunately, this behavior is even more apparent in the online world.

There will be a high chance that even if you went straight to point and placed a solution in front of them – your prospects will still exit your website to compare products on other sites.

This is why you need to create a backup mechanism, for another chance at getting your customer details before they leave. There are many ways to do this, and one of my favorite ways is to use an exit-intent pop-up.


Exit-intent on HOMA2U.com

Here are some of my favorite tools for exit-intent pop-ups:

  • Sumo.com – The free plan is excellent for a start.
  • Mailchimp.com – The email marketing platform we use at LEAD. Has a free plan too.

3 – Know your Acquisition Cost

Two very important metrics in performance advertising are:

  • Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC)
  • Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV)

CAC is how much it cost you to acquire a customer. And CLTV refers to the average revenue you receive from a customer.

Without knowing these numbers, there will be no way to know if you’re running ads at a loss or profit.

Let’s say you operate a car workshop:

A typical customer services his car twice a year at your workshop, bringing you a total average revenue of RM300 a year. You created an ad campaign on Google and after spending RM1000, received 10 new customers. This means your CAC is RM100.

While the cost of RM100 to acquire one customer may seem crazy high, it may be worth it – because a customer typically generates RM300 for your business.

Learn: Set up your first Google Ad Campaign

Running profitable Google Ads shouldn’t be hard. In fact, I’m tired of seeing marketers boasting how complex their ad campaigns are and how it is giving them great ROI.

Don’t get me wrong – Google ad campaigns can get extremely complicated, with multiple keyword targeting, optimization, tracking, and remarketing tactics.

However, most businesses don’t need to set up complicated campaigns to start receiving customers.

Want to set up your first Google ad campaign?

Join me in a webinar, where you’ll learn how to set up your first Google ad campaign this Friday, 28th May 2021 at 11AM. Register here: How to Instantly Get Customers from Google (With Ads)

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