Why The Future is in Data Science Careers? (With Asyikin).

May 15, 2022

Is data science a good career? Asyikin seems to think so. In this post, we talk to Asyikin to learn why she decided to learn data science. 

We’ll also add our notes on why data science is a good career with lots of opportunities for advancement in the future. In Malaysia, demand for data scientists is high, salaries are competitive (even for entry-level), and there are tons of perks.

Meet Asyikin.

Asyikin used to work in the media and broadcasting industry as a project engineer, specializing in connecting clients with principles. However, after retiring from the pandemic, she has now taken a contract-based job in procurement.

We asked about her experiences compared with working as a project engineer. She said, “The experience is very different from being a project engineer, but I love learning new skills.” I take advantage of the opportunity that comes my way, even if it’s not my thing.”

A huge uptick in demand for data science in Malaysia.

We asked Asyikin what made her consider picking up data science, and she told us an interesting observation. 

“I was looking for jobs during the pandemic, and I came across many jobs in data science. I became curious about what data science was all about as I kept seeing it on job search portals,” said Asyikin.

That led Asyikin to take Data Science Uncut Bootcamp, to explore and understand data science. 

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This shows that there is a growing demand from companies looking for data scientists. Companies quickly realize that data science can add value to their business. It helps unveil solutions and decisions across many industry verticals.

The lack of talents in data science makes this the perfect time to build a career in data science. Working in data science doesn’t mean just being a data scientist.

Depending on your interest and strengths – there are plenty of roles in data science, such as a data analyst, machine learning engineer, and data engineer. 

Not knowing where to start.

Believe it or not – one of the reasons many people do not break into data science is because of not knowing where to start.

Different data science blogs seem to tell different things. Many online data science courses seem to teach very technical stuff like programming. Asyikin felt the same when she wanted to learn more about data science. 

 “It seems like programming and analytics overlap. I do not know how they even relate,” Asyikin said.

And like many individuals who want to break into data science, Asyikin wondered if she needed a qualification to break into data science. 

Unlike certain jobs like a doctor, you technically don’t need a certificate to call yourself a data scientist. The ultimate goal of a data scientist is to solve business problems using data.

While it’s true most companies hiring data scientists asks to see a certificate, that’s because they are trying to gauge your competency. 

The more convincing way is to apply for data science jobs, presenting actual data science projects that you have worked on before. This clearly displays your competency in recruiters.

How did Data Science Uncut Bootcamp help her?

Joining a data science Bootcamp helped Asyikin get her hands dirty, working on real-world data science projects. In the midst of the Bootcamp, as she worked on the projects, she began to discover something fascinating about herself.

Unlike most students who find programming more difficult, Asyikin faced challenges interpreting data. 

“I can say that before attending the Bootcamp, I had no idea about Data Science, and it’s quite a challenge. Then I realized learning how to interpret data is harder than programming,” she said.

When we asked her how she overcame the challenge, she said, “The bite-sized video lessons and assignments helped me a lot. And realistically, Googling helped me, too.”

Searching online for answers is a norm for most tech-related roles. However, an added advantage that Asyikin received from the Bootcamp is the community, where she could lean in to ask questions and get help.

“My circle of friends had nothing to do with data science. So it’s good that now at least I have a new network that I can leverage for further development,” she said.

Asyikin received help from the community to write better codes during the Bootcamp.

How to become a data scientist without a qualification.

One of the biggest misconceptions people have when pursuing a data science career is that they think they need a degree in computer science – or it’s over.

Our students – like Asyikin, have shown that it’s possible to get data skilled. What is important is to master skill sets that will help you solve problems as a data scientist.

A great place to start is by attending proven data science Bootcamp, which offers daily lessons and practice with hands-on data science techniques. You’ll work with a group of people to achieve the goal of becoming a job-ready data scientist.

If you are new to the Data Science industry, let us show you how you can become a data scientist. All you need to do is enter your email address to get your free kick starter data science pack.

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